Sister Margaret’s Story: Fulfilment comes from divine life within

I am now in my mid 70s and have naturally never been married, nor have I had children. I began my search for the meaning of life probably while at school and continued to wonder how and where the path was leading me. I worked for 6 years in London and enjoyed sharing a flat with a friend through whom I came to know God. Gradually I was drawn to a group of religious women who were active and were educators. Of course I struggled with my choice at times, including having to give up the possibility of having a family of my own. I later joined the Convent and have continued to explore life and its meaning.

Although there have been difficult times along the way, I have always trusted that fulfilment comes from divine life within and over the years, I have been supported by those around me, which helped to deepen my understanding of spirituality.

I live in a community made up of other sisters and I am in regular contact with members of my family, including my great niece whom I am deeply fond of. I am grateful for my life as it is and would not have it any other way.

Each one of us has a gift and each human being matters. Our challenge is to find that gift and use it not just for our own benefit but also for the benefit of others. We all contribute to the tapestry that is being woven moment by moment. Life is a gift that is there for us to enjoy and so I enjoy mine to the full.

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Childless by circumstance


  1. Hi Sister Margaret,
    I am deeply moved by your story. Recently, listening and reading the news has felt as though our world is under siege and that evil is having the upper hand. But it is my view that all human beings are intrinsically good and that fear is at the heart of most of the troubles we see around us. Thankfully, the world is awakening and every time one person awakens, the ripple effect is felt by many others. Your story shows that not all paths are meant to include children and I am grateful for you sharing it with this community.

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