Why celebrates childlessness

By Nina Steele 

Childless mixed race couplesHere at, we celebrate childlessness. To us, it’s not selfish, nor is it a curse, instead, it is a chance to live a different kind of life. If like me, you happen to be childless not by choice, seize the opportunity you have been given to start doing all those things that you thought you would only start doing later in life. If you are childless by choice, thank you for being an inspiration.

I for one cannot highlight the positive aspects of being a non-parent enough, because it has done wonders for me personally, and for us as a couple. For example, I have a passion for spirituality and have been on a quest to find some answers as to what this life is all about. That burning desire to know the truth, started back in 2003. I read many books on spirituality and personal development became my main focus. Not having children has allowed me to fully focus on becoming a better version of myself, at this early stage in my life.

Whatever your passion is, here is your chance to give it a go now, not later. Not only that, by not having children, you are doing a great service to the planet.

Indeed, overpopulation is causing lots of damage to the earth. According to the charity Population Matters: “Today humanity uses the resources of the equivalent of about 1.5 Earths. This means it now takes the Earth one year and six months to regenerate what we use in a year”. It goes on to say that: “Industrialisation and rising standards of living are also increasing each person’s consumption of water, energy and materials as well as food. Our lifestyles and the technology we use are driving overconsumption, leading to serious consequences as resources run low”. In a nutshell, there are far too many of us, and it is damaging the earth. The future of our planet depends on there being fewer of us. Things will only get worse, unless there is a significant curb in population growth.

With that in mind, we as a community are at the forefront of change. We are pioneers. It may not feel like it right now with the dominant narrative still being about procreation, but inevitably, everyone will be forced to change the way they view life. And when that happens, being childless will become the norm, not the exception.

Childless mixed race couples

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