Calling all childless and childfree people worldwide! is one the most recognised websites for people without children. Since its launch in 2013, it has been featured in many media platforms, including BBC Africa, The Telegraph, Sky News, The Mail Online, to name but these few. The site promotes a positive image of people without children, which is ultimately what will help end the stigma everywhere against non-parents. One way it does this in addition to inspiring and powerful articles, a discussion forum and agony aunt section, is through its ‘readers’ stories’ section, where users share their personal stories. The stories are impactful because they are the testimonies of people who have gone or are going through the various stages of living without children. By sharing your story, you will be helping end the stigma against those without children and in case you have something to promote, it will give you major exposure. Not only is your story going to be published on, it will also be shared with its tens of thousands of social media followers. You can either share your story here, or you can send it to: [email protected] Thank you.

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