Why Some Childless women feel stigmatised

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  1. GemmaRowlands says

    This is a huge issue, and I strongly feel that the decision not to have children isn’t something that people should be judged because of. There is a lot of pressure on women to have children, and people need to learn to understand the fact that it isn’t always what people want from their lives. Once they understand this, people will be able to live their lives as they see fit without being judged by others for the decisions that they make.

  2. Julez Fitzmond says

    Women have babies, women have always had babies, and now that women are fast becoming more advanced in the career world it’s hard to shake that off. It’s a strange one, because women CAN provide for their family, yet the man can’t have the babies – so there will always be that inequality. But certainly nobody should feel forced into anything, or thought less of because of their choice.

    • There are still some very old fashion people out there who see only one role for a woman and that is as a homemaker, certainly not the main bread winner and that is the problem. Many feel threatened by this new bread of women, who happen to be well educated and aspire to more than their mothers’ generation. And so they try hard to make those women feel ashamed of their life choices. To all those women, I say stay strong and carry on; there is nothing wrong with choosing not to have children. There is however everything wrong with having children and not taking care of them as one should or worse abusing them and this is what society should focus on.

  3. I am made to feel like this by some friends who assume that I have nothing else going for me in my life just because I have chosen not to have children. This thought it wrong, because we should all be able to make our choice. Being on this forum has let me see more than ever that people DO have choices, and that they should never be judged for making them.

    • Julez Fitzmond says

      Well they are so wrong, Dawn, because you can do pretty much anything that you put your mind to. In fact, I would have thought that not having children would have made that easier, because it means all money and time that you have is yours – I think that the people who believe that the only thing that makes you successful in life is having children need to open their eyes to the amazing things that other people are doing around them.

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