Calling all childless and childfree people worldwide! is one the most recognised websites for people without children. Since its launch in 2013, it has been featured in many media platforms, including BBC Africa, The Telegraph, Sky News, The Mail Online, to name but these few.… Read the rest was mentioned in this great piece on parenting for the Yorkshire Times

The article is in response to the study carried out by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, which claims that having children makes you live on average 2 years longer.… Read the rest

Media request for BBC radio Sheffield

Are you a non-parent from South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire in the UK? If so, would you like to appear with Nina Steele on BBC radio Sheffield to discuss childlessness?… Read the rest

Media request

Kathleen North, Freelance Journalist has contacted with the following request: I am seeking a female aged in her 20’s – early 30’s who has been sterilised.… Read the rest

BBC Africa series: African women you need to know

Thank you to BBC Africa for having Nina Steele on their list of “African women you need to know”. You can view the full list here: the rest

The New Year has deepened the sadness I feel about my marriage ending

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A video clip of Nina Steele’s interview for BBC Africa

More from Nina Steele’s interview for BBC Africa.… Read the rest

Listen to Nina Steele’s interview for BBC Africa

Nina Steele was interviewed for BBC Africa, as part of a series of discussions on the stigma of childlessness on the African continent.… Read the rest

Listen to Nina Steele and other guests on the Simmy King Show

Nina Steele was one of the panellists on the Simmy King show, to discuss modern day relationships. The Simmy King show is live on Wandsworth radio every Friday from 12pm to 2pm.… Read the rest

Listen to Nina Steele’s interview on childlessness and culture

Listen to Nina Steele’s very uplifting interview on childlessness and culture.… Read the rest