JOIN NONPARENTS.COM’S ONE THOUSAND STORIES CAMPAIGN! is passionate about educating people so they understand all the aspects and complexities of being a non-parent. One way of doing that in addition to all the resources available on this website, are through the personal stories of childless and childfree people everywhere. Because all the stories are intrinsically different, there is always the potential for learning something new, and experience shows that the stories have a huge impact on those reading it. The more stories people read and the more they know about all the aspects and complexities of being childless or childfree, the more likely they are to empathise and be less judgemental. In a nutshell, the power of the stories is that they are helping decrease the stigma around being a non-parent.

Be a part of this great movement for change by sharing your story. Sharing your story is simple. You can either send it to: [email protected], or you can upload it directly to the website by following this link. Your story must be at least 400 words in length. Thank you.

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