The woman who spent £30,000 on fertility treatments then decided she no longer wanted children after all

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  1. GemmaRowlands says

    I find it amazing that this lady spent so much money on the treatment before making her final choice, however I think that it’s much better to realise this now than it would have been if you had a child and then realised that it had been a mistake. This simply serves to highlight the fact that you should always really take the time to think about your actions before you make your ultimate choice.

  2. This is indeed an incredible story and credit to her for sharing it with the world. In a way it serves as a reminder that sometimes it is best to let go of dreams and accept that not all dreams are meant to materialise or good for us overall. Gemma as you rightly put it, imagine what would have happened if she had the child and then come to her realisation.

  3. Julez Fitzmond says

    What a crazy story – but I suppose it helped her to make her decision. Fertility treatment is so difficult and people don’t realise this when they go into it. Nobody understands how tiring and heartbreaking it can be until you’ve been there, and you may well decide that the process is no longer for you.

    • I have a friend who was in this situation, and who spent a lot of money before she finally decided that it just wasn’t something that she wanted to do anymore. It seemed insane to me but of course there’s no point in continuing if it’s making you so unhappy. Her and her husband are now very happy in their lives, and are glad that they chose to stop when they did because it was tearing them apart.

  4. No one will stop trying for a child unless they are ready to do so. No matter how much advice you give someone, they have to be ready. It takes over your life and nothing else matters, until finally one day, the penny drops and then you realise how ridiculous the whole process is. Once the penny dropped for us, we never looked back.

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