A shout out to all the childfree people out there living their best lives, in spite of society’s continued obsession with procreation

By Nina Steele 

Finding happiness later in lifeUnless you haven’t been paying attention, you would most certainly be aware of the debate currently raging in the US about certain states passing laws banning abortion after six weeks. Jane Elliott, the anti-racism activist, said in an interview that the real reason behind the ban, is to ensure a high birth rate among white women, in order to prevent minority ethnic groups from eventually becoming the majority.

She quoted the 1987 book ‘The Birth Dearth’ by Ben Wattenberg in which he states: “The main problem confronting the United States today is that there aren’t enough white babies being born in this country. If we don’t change this rapidly, white people will lose their numerical majority in this country”. She goes on to quote another part of the same book in which Wattenberg says “60% of the foetuses aborted each year are white. If we can keep that 60% alive, that will solve our birth dearth”.

The idea of making women have babies against their will is a rather nightmarish vision of life, akin to those dystopian realities we often see in movies such as The Handmaid’s Tale. Some states have gone as far as enacting a blanket ban on abortion including in cases of incest and rape. Alabama being one of those states. Rightly, these new laws are being challenged in the court.

The obsession with procreation makes no sense at all in an overpopulated world. But of course, for many people, when it comes to this issue, reality takes a back seat. I no longer read many of the tabloids, mainly because of the negativity. I still remember how obsessed they all were with celebrities becoming pregnant. Because of what I do in terms of running this website, I do have to keep up with celebrity news, and although I get a great deal of that on social media, I also use for that purpose. And just like the other tabloids, they too have lots of articles related to celebrities becoming pregnant.

With all this in mind, I salute all of you childfree people out there, living your best lives in spite of all the noise about parenthood. The world may still be obsessed with procreation, but as more and more people are choosing paths that do not involve being a parent, being childfree is now becoming part of the conversation in a way that it wasn’t before. I can only see this trend growing, considering the many challenges facing humanity right now.

Finding happiness later in life

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