Michelle Wolf’s Netflix Special should come with a warning for those of a sensitive nature

By Nina Steele 

Michelle WolfIn her Netflix special “Michelle Wolf: Joke Show”, Michelle Wolf talks about issues ranging from abortion, feminism, childbirth (she is still debating whether or not to have children) and menstruation, to name but these few. I did like the show, even though it felt a bit uncomfortable at times. In an age where people get outraged at pretty much anything, I found her courage in addressing certain subjects that are deemed too controversial, commendable.

As mentioned, on the issue of motherhood, she is open about the fact that she is still undecided. She is also open about having had an abortion and is unapologetically pro-choice. Of that she said: “And a lot of people think that even if you’re allowed to get abortions, it should only be for a very few specific reasons. Well I think you should be able to get an abortion for any reason you want”. Considering that some states in the US are banning abortion completely, you have to give her credit for speaking her mind so clearly.

The section on equality was very deep, albeit funny too. Well the racial dimension of it will make it a tad uncomfortable for some groups, I am sure. It is quite a risky move for a comedian, because let’s face it, people go to comedy shows to laugh and try to forget the problems of the world.

Some of the things she says about feminism will not please many feminists either. But then again, pushing the envelope is what the show does. To call her brand of comedy risqué would be appropriate. She is definitely not afraid to offend nor shock.

As much as I like her gutsiness, I have to admit that I felt uncomfortable for much of the show. And then it hit me, that’s because I am not used to this type of comedy from a woman. I would not have felt the same way, had she been a man. After all, Dave Chappelle is my favourite comedian at the moment and you could hear me laughing my head off a few months ago, watching his latest Netflix special. I cannot recollect feeling the same type of discomfort then, and anyone who knows his brand of comedy would know what I am talking about.

I had not heard of Michelle Wolf until the furore that followed her performance at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I have tried to follow her since and so watching her Netflix special was inevitable. She is definitely one to watch.

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