Canadian Prime Minister backtracks on paying for childcare

By Paul Smith 

During the recent Canadian Election campaign, the man minted as Prime Minister spoke openly about the fact that those who were wealthy should be paying for their own childcare. Now as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has backtracked on this, with Canadian taxpayers now footing the bill for his children’s nannies.

He is not the first Canadian Prime Minister to backtrack on this much-discussed issue. It’s made more upsetting to voters because the new Prime Minister is advocating a National Daycare Program which would be funded by taxpayers.

Sure, leading a country is a big job. Still, a parent makes the choice to be a parent and is therefore assumed to be responsible for the care of their children. As a result, some will argue that this change of heart is unfair, and equally, parents who might be struggling to pay for the care of their kids could feel cheated.

Many without children strongly believe that they should not be paying for the childcare of any children at all through their tax dollars. In an age of increased cynicism where the electoral public grows more distrustful of politicians, this may only enhance the frustration of childfree voters who feel that they are too often ignored and not regarded as being part of a family.

Much of the public may agree with the notion that subsidizing daycare for those who need it is a good idea. The view may be that they are helping to contribute to raising potential future leaders. Leaders who we hope, if they were to become wealthy, will pay for their own childcare…

There are many wealthy Canadians who pay for their childcare out of their own pockets. These are people who make just as much or more than Justin Trudeau’s estimated $325,000.00 per year salary. People who live in Canada are fortunate to have the choice to be able to take parental leave once they have kids. In addition, there are programs available in many places to help parents get their kids into daycare.

Whether elected or not, many people without children feel that the wealthy and anyone else with children should be paying for their own childcare.

How do you feel about this? Should taxpayers be footing the bill for elected officials’ childcare, or anyone else for that matter?


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