Childfree at home: seasonal and holiday decorating

By Victoria Fryer 

I think we can all agree that having no children at home changes the situation a little bit—but in what way, I’m sure, depends on your personality.

As an early disclaimer, I want to say that I’m not a slob. However, some of the things I consider benefits of not having children at home include not having to clean or do laundry as often. I don’t have to worry about little mouths with little immune systems licking or picking things up off the floor. With just the two of us, it takes a couple of days to fill the dishwasher. And I have far fewer items of clothing and bedding to wash each week.

All these things, I feel, are benefits for me. I know everyone’s busy, but like I’m sure I’ve said before, I need my downtime. And after a long day at work, including a one-hour commute each day, the last thing I want is to come home and spend the 3-4 personal hours a day I get picking up and cleaning and washing.

On the other hand, though it is mostly just my husband and me at home, decorating for holidays seem silly and pointless too.

Like any good woman who uses the internet, I’ve fallen into my fair share of Pinterest rabbit holes. Using glass beads and mason jars to make autumn votive holders! Painting pumpkins for the Halloween mantle! Filling vases or cake stands with Christmas tree balls!

As summer transitions to fall, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Should I change the mantle decorations or the dining table centerpiece?

I’m not a particularly crafty person. In fact, last time I tried to make a wreath, I almost cut through my finger with a pair of scissors. (After that, I decided to stick to what I’m good at—looking at crafts on the internet.) But preceding some of my favorite holidays, I sometimes wish I had more of a reason to decorate, or bake special cookie treats, or whatever.

I know I could do all this stuff anyway, but if it’s just my husband and me here to enjoy it (and, for him, “enjoy” would probably be a strong word), is it really worth the effort? Perhaps that says more about me than about the situation itself. But still—I bet you get my point.

I’d love to know how other childless and childfree couples—or singles—handle this. Do you decorate for holidays? Is it worth it for you to do, even if it is just you at home to enjoy the scene? Or do you throw parties so that there are other people around to enjoy your handiwork?

Victoria Fryer is a 31-year-old writer and content strategist. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two pit bulls. You can find her on Twitter @extoria.

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