Of course money can’t buy happiness but it can give you peace of mind

By Nina Steele 

Peace of mindThe biggest story of recent days has of course been about Harry and Meghan publicly admitting to their mental health struggles. Predictably, opinions have been divided. There are those who support the couple and those who don’t. I am of those who support them and have written about their union on this website. One comment I keep coming across on social media is how they are struggling in spite of their wealth and life of privilege. In short, the argument is that their struggle is another proof that having money does not automatically make you happy.

Of course that argument is right and has been proven time and time again. So many wealthy people, particularly in recent years, have shown how much this argument is true. Most people now realise that envying other people’s lives and lifestyles is not a good idea, because the reality is usually messier than what you see.

The one thing money does do however, is give you peace of mind. And I am not talking about great wealth, just enough money to pay your bills and live well. If like my husband and I you favour a simple life over a life of excess, then you don’t need that much to live on. Of course in our case, being childfree is a plus too.

I have written many times about simple living. It is a lifestyle choice I definitely recommend to anyone who wants peace in their life. When you live simply, you really don’t care what others around you are doing. By that I mean that you don’t see their lifestyle choices as a threat. You are not in the competition game and you certainly do not envy them. You are laser focused on your own life, with personal growth at the core of everything you do.

Sadly, many people profess to wanting a peaceful life, yet they spend their time trying to keep up with those around them. No one has ever found peace that way. Never. Living your life based on what other people are doing, is a surefire way to unhappiness. It is true that in a world where showing off has become so prevalent, living simply takes a great deal of courage. On the other hand, the great level of unhappiness we see in society today is proof that the predominant lifestyle choice of keeping up with the joneses has failed.

Not having children has made it easier for us to be on the path we are on. Competition between parents can be fierce, and unless you’ve achieved a certain level of personal growth, you will be tempted to play the same game as the rest of them. Not having children has spared us this dilemma and made it easier for us to choose the simple life.

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