The New Year is here and my expectations are high

By Nina Steele 

New Year 2020The start of a new decade is always a catalyst for great change. It is the culmination of all the choices we made in years past, and as such, my expectations for this year are quite high. I have a good life as it is. All I want is a continuation of things as they are. Professionally, things are moving in the right direction and I expect this year to be more rewarding financially. As someone who does not believe in greed nor living a life of excess, more rewarding for me means being able to contribute more financially to our household.

2020 has a certain ring to it, hasn’t it? It reminds me of the year 2000, and how big a year that was for many people. Speaking for myself, it was the year I met my husband, and so a year I will always remember.

Our life is a reflection of the choices we make and the beliefs we hold, and of course some luck too. Whatever it is that you put your focus on these past years, you will see some major changes this year. It is the year of reaping whatever we sowed so to speak.

Of course change happens all the time. Nothing ever stays the same. It is just that changes that happen at the start of a new decade are often on a bigger scale. I haven’t always paid attention to these facts, but looking back, I can see it for myself.

It is quite sobering once you realise that your life is a reflection of the choices you’ve made. I was never taught that growing up and not many people realise that too. I learnt it the hard way. There is a law that governs life. It is what we call karma. Whatever we put out there will come back to us one way or another. It is an inescapable fact. Luck plays a major part in our lives too. Some people are luckier than others for reasons that none of us can explain with absolute certainty.

Life is tough whichever way you look at it. Not only that, there is a fragility to it that I can now see very clearly. Everything can change in an instant. None of us know the whole truth about why things happen to us the way they do. All we can do is choose carefully and play our part the best we can.

Once you understand that the choices you make will determine your future, and if like me you hate the idea of suffering, then you will make the right choices. Of course, as long as we are alive, suffering is something we cannot avoid completely. Even so, the difference between making the right choices and the wrong ones will determine the level of suffering we encounter throughout our lives. In a nutshell, we all have the ability to alleviate our own suffering depending on the choices we make. Happy New Year!

New Year 2020

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