Ultimately things will happen the way they were intended

By Nina Steele 

The UniverseA few weeks ago, when I was invited as a guest on the BBC Focus on Africa news channel to discuss the stigma that childless women face in Africa, things didn’t go quite the way I expected. It wasn’t my first time on TV, and so I was confident that things would go as smoothly as they had done in the past. Only this time, I was disappointed by my performance. My disappointment was heightened by the fact that I felt the Universe had let me down, and I was sure going to find out why.

What I had forgotten however, was that as always, everything that happens to us has a purpose and at the centre of it all, is the potential for growth. It is up to us to find the hidden message within the drama, so to speak. As I searched for answers, I allowed the anger and disappointment that I felt inside to come to the fore, as trying to suppress them would have only made things worse.

And as usual, the answers to my soul searching were delivered to me. Until then, I thought that positive thinking was all I needed for things to happen the way I want them to. And so, channelling positive energy toward whatever it is I wanted to happen and asking God to make it so, was my way of going about life. And overall, it has worked pretty well.

Yet, what we often don’t realise is that, if things always happen the way we want them to, it will eventually lead to us never reaching our full potential. We all go through stages of growth, and a new chapter was about to begin in my life. As they say, nothing ever happens by chance. Everything is as it should be, and in divine order.

So in a nutshell, instead of asking the Universe or God to give us something exactly in the way that we want, what we need to do is ask, but be willing to accept whatever come our way, along with the timing as well. Yes it may sound like a big ask, and it also takes constant practice. However, doing otherwise is to give in to the underlying fear and impatience that resides in all of us.

Because we live in a world in which we are meant to be actively making things happen, accepting what is and being fully in unison with the present moment may feel unnatural. However, if there is one thing I have learnt, it is that going against the present moment only leads to pain and suffering.

It is easy when a truth as life changing as this one is revealed, to look back and start regretting the way we have dealt with things in the past. But of course that is mistake, because the very nature of growth is that it happens incrementally. Very few people among us become enlightened in one go.

All in all, what my disappointment has taught me is that, yes it is great to dream big, and God knows how big I dream. However, once you have planted the seeds of whatever it is you want, let go of it and whatever you do, don’t become obsessed with the outcome. By all means, try as hard as you can. Tick all the boxes that need ticking. But once you have done your bit, all you can do, is sit back and let whatever is meant to be, just be. There is an order in the Universe, which means that ultimately, things will happen the way they were intended.

The Universe

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