Christine Lampard’s relaxed attitude to the motherhood question is refreshing and speaks volume about her character

By Nina Steele 

There is no doubt in my mind that for many celebrities, having children has become as much about advancing their careers as it is about being a parent. There is a widely held belief that the public is more likely to warm to a celebrity who is a parent than to one who isn’t. Because of that, many childless celebrities have felt obliged to reassure us whenever the opportunity arises, that children are definitely on the cards and that the fact that they don’t yet have any is because of circumstances outside their control.

Thankfully, there are still some celebrities left with enough courage to go against the grain. Instead of toeing the usual line, Christine Lampard gave an honest answer when talking about the fact that she is regularly asked whether she is planning on having children. She said: “I think women are never allowed to feel that everything in their world is OK – if they are not worried about something then they should be”. That is one of the wisest things I have heard a celebrity say on this issue.

Her summary of the pressure put on women to say things that are expected of them is spot on. Because of the fear many celebrities have of being seen as ‘not normal’, most of them, particularly the ones starting out, feel obliged to toe the line. The proliferation of social media also means that a celebrity can suffer abuse at any moment if they say the ‘wrong’ things.

I don’t know about you but whenever I read about a celebrity telling the whole world how much they would like to become a parent, the impression I am left with is that of a person desperate for public approval, and it is never a pretty picture. It may win them brownie points with the more hard core types in society who believe that life is all about procreation, but for others including even some parents, these people may come across as trying too hard. As a result, they run the risk of losing the respect of some of the very people they want to impress.

Which is why I found Christine Lampard’s interview so refreshing. Instead of giving the impression of a woman desperate to be liked, as many other celebrities have done when faced with the motherhood question, she comes across as confident and courageous. She has earned my respect, whether or not she ends up becoming a mother.

Christine Lampard

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