Why having a large family is the new trend on social media

By Nina Steele 

Large familiesYou may or may not have heard of the Youtube star Myka Stauffer. I came across her story by chance last week. She was also one of the trending topics on my Twitter feed. Her brand is said to focus on family, fashion and fitness. She has 4 biological children and until recently, an adopted child from China. She and her husband decided to give up their adopted child, because they were finding it too hard to deal with him. He is autistic and had been a part of their family since October 2017. That they have chosen to give the child up because he has special needs, has caused uproar on social media, with some people accusing them of exploiting the child for views.

People have been sharing screenshots of previous posts in which Myka Stauffer discusses hers and her husband’s desire to adopt a child with special needs. One reads: “We are praying about adopting again. And my husband wanted me to ask what special needs would you consider minor or relatively easy to manage that most people wouldn’t consider easy?”. To her critics, this shows that she adopted the child purely to raise her profile. The story has been covered by countless media outlets. The backlash is proving quite severe, with sponsors of the couple’s social media channels being urged by some to drop them.

Sharing day to day family life is big business on social media. Some of my Facebook friends often share links to some of those accounts. And what they seem to have in common is that they all have large families. It seems that the bigger the family the better. And of course advertising revenues is what all these accounts are after.

Needless to say that there is nothing wrong with monetizing one’s social media account. What I have an issue with is the fact that these accounts whether intentionally or unintentionally, are promoting large families. Sadly, there are many gullible people out there who will copy anything celebrities do, including social media influencers.

The environmental impacts of having too many humans on the planet have been written about extensively. Yet some of these gullible people seem to not care. As far as those people are concerned, if having a large family is ok for this or that celebrity, then it’s ok for them too.

Besides the obvious environmental impact, as one of 7 children, I know the type of difficulties many of those families face. As I have written a few times in the past, growing up, money was always an issue. It is one of the reasons why I love living simply. I don’t like worrying about money and so living simply is the only way forward for us.

Which brings me back to all those social media influencers with large families. If you have a business that relies on advertising, you will know how unpredictable that revenue stream can be. Of course there are those who make enough money on social media to live off it full time. Equally, there are also those who never make it big enough for social media to become their main source of income, no matter how big their family size is.

Large families


  1. Island Dweller says

    Just reading this post. It’s so hard to believe people who adopt and don’t get what they want, return the child like a piece of merchandise. I wonder what would happen if this family gave birth to a child who was “difficult”. Would they put the child up for adoption? How incredibly cruel, and I bet they think they are such loving people. The true test of real love is when the going gets tough and unfortunately this couple failed the test.

    • “I wonder what would happen if this family gave birth to a child who was “difficult”. Would they put the child up for adoption?”, that was one of the recurring comments I read on twitter about this story. Hopefully the child is now with a family that understand his needs and are able to give him the care he requires.

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