Does having children make people happier?

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  1. GemmaRowlands says

    I think that having children can make people feel fulfilled, and that they have a purpose in life, however so can many other things. It’s just that having children is the most obvious thing to do. Doing things for charity or travelling the world may also make you very happy, and it’s vital that you sit down and take the time to think about what you really want. This doesn’t mean that you should follow what people expect you to do – do what makes you happy as a person.

  2. Not all the time. It depends if it’s something that they want, and whether they are in the position to be able to look after that child. If you were very very poor and unable to provide then I’m fairly sure that looking at your child suffer wouldn’t make you happy. But, of course, having children can be a joy for many.

  3. Julez Fitzmond says

    No one thing can possibly make somebody happy. It very much depends on the way they act when it happens. I know of people who have had children who love them to bits, but freely say that their lives were easier and they were happier without them. Now that they’re hear, of course they wouldn’t change them, but it still stands to reason that having a child won’t make absolutely everybody happy.

    • Dawn Kells says

      Well children = stress and worry, but most people don’t think about that when trying to conceive, because they’re too caught up in the positive sides of having a family. So certainly there should be more information available about the realities, then hopefully people can make a decision based on truth rather than ideology.

  4. Life choices are many and varied and having children is one of those choices. Nothing outside of yourself can make you happy; happiness is something that comes from within. self development and becoming a better person as a result is bound to make you a happier person than expecting that having children will make you happy. Most children move out at some point and then what?

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