The desire to have children as strong for men as it is for women a research has found

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  1. GemmaRowlands says

    I am aware that a lot of men would like children, but I think that the reason it is often the woman driving the process is because of the fact that we have biological restraints that men do not have. In theory, if a man wanted to have a child at 100 he could, and therefore he does not feel the same amount of pressure to have children earlier in life. It makes sense that of course men want children, but it is often not as obvious for the above reason.

  2. I don’t think that this is all that surprising. Women are biologically programmed to be nurturers, and men providers. Their desire to be able to do what they are made to do is just as strong as it would be for a woman, and for this reason of course they want children badly. There are very few men who don’t want children, however I do believe that, as Gemma said, it tends to be something that happens a little further down the line for them.

  3. Julez Fitzmond says

    It’s not just women who need to pass on their genes; it makes sense that the desire should be strong for men as well, because if it wasn’t then as a human race we would never be able to get anywhere, would we? It can seem as though women are the ones who want it, because a lot of childrearing involves women more than men for the simple fact that it is us who biologically carry the children, but men are still a key part and it couldn’t be done without them!

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