Why an increasing number of women in India are choosing to remain childless

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  1. GemmaRowlands says

    I think that it’s good that these women are making the right decision for them rather than listening to what society would like them to do. It must be quite hard in some cultures to be able to break free of what is expected of them, however once they have managed to do this I would imagine that it feels quite liberating to know that you’re absolutely in control of your own life and everything that happens in it.

    • Gemma, you’re right, it is hard, especially when everyone around you is always asking when you’re having children – when you’ve made it quite clear in the past that you don’t want them. But it’s good that women are realising that there is a choice, and that we are in charge of ourselves and our path in life.

  2. Julez Fitzmond says

    India is one of the many countries around the world where having children is definitely expected of women. It is one of the areas in which they are slightly behind the UK, but it’s great to know that the women are now feeling as though they have the ability to make their own decisions rather than just having to follow what other people think. Hopefully this will continue and spread across the world where women don’t yet seem to be allowed to make their own choices.

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