Watch video: Whatever Floats Your Boat, Perspectives on Motherhood

Whatever Floats Your Boat, Perspectives on Motherhood from Maryanne Pope on Vimeo.

WFYB Facilitated Discussion from Maryanne Pope on Vimeo.


  1. This message was left by Lucy Mary Merski on Facebook on January 8th: “Of all the story lines on this trip I DON’T see a woman that made the decision not to have kids at all (from the beginning) it’s all about ones that have one or are on the fence or they couldn’t but wanted too at some point. So she’s not getting all sides!!! I’m sorry but what about the woman whose married and they both decided NOT to have children and are VERY happy!!!! I’m 45 and happily married for 20 years and we both DON’T want children from the beginning of our relationship and DON’T regret our decision!! There is a book called Families of Two that my husband and I love. It shows you that you can live happily and NOT follow society because it said so!! If she’s on the fence then she does want children!!”

  2. Hi Lucy, I totally get your point. As a person who is happily married without children, I was also hoping to have my side represented forcefully and felt slightly let down with the first video. However, there are a couple of women in the second video (the follow up discussion) who do make a case for people who are living happy and fulfilled lives without children. I suppose what the videos show is the myriad of views on this subject. Even one of the women who is in her forties and never wanted children, mentions that now that she is looking after her sick elderly mother, she is wondering who is going to take her to hospital appointments once she gets old. I work for a charity for old people and know for a fact that there are many services available that any old person can use, including someone to take them to appointments etc and so there is really no need to worry about these issues. Also, many of the old people who use such services do have children. She has touched on one of the biggest causes of the stigma attached to childlessness, namely the myth that not having children mean you will end up lonely in old age and won’t have anyone there to help you should you need it. Having worked with old people for over 7 years (and still do), I can firmly put that myth to bed. In fact being lonely in old age can strike anyone, children or no children. I suppose the advantage of the videos is that they are creating a debate and giving us all a chance to challenge some of the misconceptions associated with not having children.

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