Easter was fun and simple with chocolate making a comeback

By Nina Steele 

Chocolate Easter EggsI don’t know about you but even though religion is no longer a part of my life, I still enjoy Easter as a holiday. My husband and I spent it at home. We always avoid going away during the school holidays to avoid the hike in fees that is inevitable. That’s one of the perks of being a childfree couple of course. The fact that we can be flexible in terms of when we go on holiday, as opposed to being bound by the school calendar.

I love those two Easter bank holidays because it means spending a long weekend with my husband. I love watching him pottering around in the garage, usually fixing his bike or getting on with some woodworking projects. It is those simple pleasures that make life so beautiful. We both absolutely love simple living. Life is challenging enough as it is, why complicate it further?

Watching the birds in our garden go about their business is always a talking point, particularly the robins. We both like the fact robins are not afraid of humans. They would come very close to us whenever we are in the garden, unlike the blackbirds who always do the opposite. We recently started feeding them worms (not the live ones, I must add), which they love. Mind you the blackbirds also like worms, so whenever they are around, the robins stand no chance.

Going back to Easter, chocolate made a comeback in our life. I say comeback because unlike a year or so ago, it’s consumed very rarely in our household these days. In fact, we used to eat it twice a week and then decided we no longer needed to eat it so frequently. We are both very careful when it comes to our weight and always make adjustments to keep it to the level that makes us both happy. And so chocolate was removed from our diet, only to be consumed on special occasions. And of course celebrating Easter would not be complete without chocolate.

As seasoned walkers, a bank holiday weekend would not be complete without a trip to the countryside. We usually walk on Sundays, but the perk of a long bank holiday weekend such as Easter is that we have plenty of options. We can pick any of the 4 days to go walking, depending on which one has the best weather. As it turned out, all 4 days were sunny, so we ended up walking on Sunday anyway.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

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