Margot Robbie is fed up with being constantly asked when she is having a baby

By Nina Steele 

Margot Robbie Here we go again! At 28, Margot Robbie is already hugely successful. She has appeared in over 20 movies, has been nominated for 36 awards, of which she’s won 9. On top of that, she also has her own production company, because she was tired of waiting around for meaty female roles. And that gamble has already started to pay off. Her 2017 film ‘I, Tonya’, was well received and earned her a nomination for best actress at the 2018 Oscars.

With all that in mind, you would think that the first question she would be asked in interviews would be about her achievements. Instead, since she got married in 2016, the first question she is asked, is when she is planning on having a baby. No wonder she is pissed off.

In a recent interview for the Radio Times, she said this about the pressure women automatically come under as soon as they get married: “I got married, and the first question in almost every interview is, ‘Babies? When are you having one?’ I’m so angry that there’s this social contract”. She goes on to say: “You’re married, now have a baby. Don’t presume. I’ll do what I’m going to do”.

Well, I admire her for calling these people out. It’s getting a bit tiring now, hearing these stories, time and time again. A woman with her talent, and business acumen, should be seen as a role model for other women trying to break into the industry. That she was brave enough to start her own production company and then be successful at it, is quite remarkable. That should be the story.

But of course, the fact that she is a woman, means she is not taken as seriously as her male counterparts. As far as these people asking these questions are concerned, her greatest achievement would be for her to become a mother, and everything else is subservient to that. I mean, what era do they think we are living in? With critical issues such as overpopulation and climate change facing humanity, you would think that these people would know by now that more humans is not the priority.

Will her intervention make a difference to the way childless female celebrities in general, are treated? Probably not. What she has achieved however, is to remind everyone once again why reducing women to their ability to procreate, regardless of how much else they have achieved, is wrong.

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