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By Nina Steele 

MigrationologyIt’s a fact that for a holiday to be truly memorable, the food you eat matters. My husband and I have travelled to some great destinations, but sadly, the food we ate in many of those places was a disappointment. Imagine then a travel blog that is all about the food, which is what is. It not only tells you where to get the best food on your travels, it also tells you how much it costs.

It’s the brainchild of Mark Wiens, a very likeable man, who regularly shares his passion for food on both his website and his youtube channel, which has over 2 million subscribers. I first came across one of his videos on Facebook and was hooked instantly. His youtube channel is one of a few channels I am subscribed to, and thoroughly enjoy watching his videos. Some I like more than others. But overall, his videos are great fan to watch.

Describing what his website is all about, Mark says: “No matter what culture or country you’re from, or wherever you choose to travel, the one thing you and I have in common is that food is a huge part of our lives”. He goes on to say: “along with delicious and authentic food and restaurant recommendations, my goal is also to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, set goals, and pursue what you’re most passionate about”.

It’s only the other day that I decided to check out the website. Until then, I was only watching his videos. I am glad I did, because the website offers a great deal of information on destinations across the globe. If the country you are about to visit next is one he has been to, you will have detailed information on places to eat and stay.

I love the blog not only for the authentic food, but also because of Mark’s personality. The kindness and respect he shows the people he meets through his travels, is simply remarkable. The first video I watched was of him in Accra, Ghana. Watching him eat with his fingers, just as the locals do, was heart-warming.

Singapore is a place we are planning on visiting at some stage, and thanks to his blog, I now have many options on where to eat. I am keen to try out the many dishes available on food stalls. I have recently developed a passion for street food. I like that they are often very tasty and cost far less than your average restaurant dish.


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