Stillness is the quickest way to God and ultimately true happiness

By Nina Steele 

StillnessIn the 2014 biblical drama ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, God’s messenger who regularly appears to Moses (brilliantly played by Christian Bale), shows his disapproval at the sight of the newly freed Hebrew slaves partying the night away, as opposed to honouring God. In order to ensure that the people live a life of good virtues, Moses is instructed to write the Ten Commandments. Of course, this being a film, it may differ from other accounts of how the Ten Commandments came about. Even so, it is what that scene symbolises that had me thinking.

Indeed, if like me, you believe that you are on a spiritual path, then getting closer to God should be one of your number one priorities. To get closer to God, one has to choose a lifestyle that is simple and live a life that is purposeful. You cannot get closer to God if you are constantly partying or consumed by the desire to fit in with what society considers to be the norm.

In our world of reality TV and constant drama, we are made to believe that living a life of excess is ok. I think we have all read enough stories about the unhappy lives of celebrities to understand that, that kind of lifestyle is not the answer for anyone seeking lasting peace and happiness.

Happiness requires a lot of work, and the quickest way to get to it, is by making a habit of listening to the voice that is within us and that is constantly trying to guide us. That voice has many names, and you can call it what you like. It is often referred to as instinct, gut feeling or the voice of God, to name but these few.

Guidance from God has always been available to us. To get the full benefit of it, one needs to spend a lot of time being still. Stillness can be many things, including sitting in quiet contemplation, meditating, going for quiet walks, etc. Anything that quiets the mind brings you closer to God.

If anyone is in any doubt about whether or not stillness does indeed bring about happiness, just take a look around. Unhappiness is all around us. Why? Because we have forgotten what our primary purpose on earth is. No one is asking anyone to deny themselves the pleasures that life offers. Of course not. We are meant to enjoy life. It is the way we choose to go about it, that has caused so much pain for so many people.

By living a life that is devoid of real meaning, we have cut ourselves off from the very source from which real happiness derives, God. I am not advocating religion, far from it. I stopped going to church over a decade ago, and no longer belong to a religion. What I do believe in however, is in the existence of a Being greater than all of us and who is the source of everything that is and ever will be. And so the good news is that, God is present in all of us, and the way to tap into its full power, is by being still more often.

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