Why so much obsession with mobile phones?

By Nina Steele 

The obsession with mobile phonesMy husband and I recently spent a week in Zermatt, Switzerland. We had a wonderful time there hiking in the mountains. Doing the Matterhorn Glacier Trail was just brilliant. Mind you it took a bit for my body to get used to the altitude. I had difficulty breathing at first. It was literally painful. And then, after a while, my body got used to the fact that we were over 2,900 metres. The holiday itself was a success. The weather which at first was a bit of a worry, turned out fine. As a prime holiday destination, Zermatt has everything one needs. As we stayed in the centre of town, it meant that we had everything we needed within walking distance.

If the holiday itself was a success, the threat of strike by British Airways pilots, then by some ground staff at Heathrow airport, had us worried. In the end, we were lucky and none of those threats came to pass. Our flight back was on schedule and we landed without any issues at all on the evening of August 24. My husband and I were even surprised at the speed with which our luggage came through.

Having said that, we did have a negative experience worth mentioning. It involved another passenger on our return flight. It was the woman seated next to us. As we made our way to our seats, we arrived to find her in a deep conversation on her phone. As she had the aisle seat, we had to wait for her to finally decide to stand up to let us through, meaning that other passengers were also made to wait. My husband and I chose to let the incident pass, as we imagined it would be a one-off. Sadly, we were wrong.

The same thing happened on arrival. The same woman was on her phone again. This time, on social media. As other passengers were getting their stuff, she sat there completely engrossed in her phone. Well, she wasn’t going to get away with it this time. I asked her to move, and she reluctantly did. She was visibly irritated and frankly I could not care less. The couple behind us gave us a smile as if to say ‘we get you’.

Then another incident involving another mobile phone obsessed person occurred on the shuttle bus taking us back to our car. Thankfully, it only affected the person in question. It was another woman. Just like the woman on the plane, she was completely engrossed in her phone, so much so that she missed her stop. She went to the bus driver asking whether he could turn back for her. The answer was a polite no. She got off at the same stop as us, and then walked back to where her stop was. My husband and I had a good laugh about it, shaking our heads in disbelief.

Why all this obsession with our phones? I can understand young people doing it, but all those adults getting in on the act as well? With the work that I do, some would think that I am glued to my phone, but I am not. I purposely put my phone face down to avoid being distracted by the notification light. I do check my messages throughout the day but not in an obsessive manner and I certainly don’t spend my time on it while I am out. When travelling by car with my husband, I always have my phone put away, even when he is the one driving, which is most of the time. I use my laptop for work and for social media, meaning that my phone is not used constantly.

This obsession would be funny if it was as harmless as the two incidents I mentioned. Sadly, as we all know, it isn’t always the case. Because of people’s irresponsibility, mobile phones have been the cause of serious accidents that have turned lives upside down. I hope that in the not too distant future, all this will be a thing of the past and that people will see sense again. Sadly, I cannot bet on it.

The obsession with mobile phones

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