10 things you need to know in order to avoid loneliness in old age

By Nina Steele 

1. Loneliness in old age can strike anyone, whether you have children or not.

2. The key is to plan well in advance by finding out what is available in your area in terms of things to do, services that you may need. For example, home help for everyday chores once you become too frail to do so yourself or as a result of an illness or a fall. Crucially, you need to make note of any old people’s charity in your area, as they will have most of the answers to what you are looking for.

3. If you don’t like the idea of going to day centres in later life to make friends and socialise, then start researching social clubs in your area and join one or more that cater for your interests. You can also join a befriending scheme, just ask your local old people’s charity.

4. Don’t be one of those people who are too proud to ask for help. There is always help available whatever your circumstances, but it won’t come to you unless you ask for it.

5. If you get on well with your neighbours, then don’t be too shy to ask for their help whenever you need it.

6. Make friends with like-minded people and meet up regularly for a meal or whatever takes your fancy.

7. If you fear that you won’t be able to afford a social life, then get in touch with your local authority and chances are that you will qualify for some help.

8. If you are quite well off, then you may want to consider hiring a live-in carer who will provide you with constant companionship. Your local old people’s charity or local authority will have a list of agencies that offer such a service.

9. Don’t give up on life, it is never too late.

10. Whether or not you end up lonely in old age is up to you, so don’t leave anything to chance. Be proactive and create your own social life.

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