Finding a new meaning to life when you are childless

By Nina Steele 

My husband and I have just returned from a holiday in the Isle of Skye. This was our first trip there and it lived up to all our expectations. The island is breathtakingly beautiful and the fact that it rained pretty much every day, didn’t take away the sense of magic that we both felt.

We had to plan our walks around the weather, and even then, we could not avoid walking in the rain entirely. On one of the walks, we had to shelter under our storm shelter for almost an hour, to avoid being completely drenched.

The mountains of Skye, particularly the Black Cuillin, are considered some of the most spectacular and challenging mountains in Britain, and for a while, it has been my husband’s dream to climb them. And so, you can imagine his complete joy when he was finally able to realise that dream by going all the way to the top of Sgὺrr Alasdair, the highest mountain on the Island!

Walking holidays is what we enjoy doing the most and not having children means that we can be as daring as we want to be. In Skye, I was able to experience what it feels like to scramble up mountains. It takes walking to a different level of excitement, although of course the risk level is greater. Mind you, anyone used to walking up hills and mountains, is aware to always remain vigilant to hidden dangers. Breaking one’s leg or spraining one’s ankle, is always a real possibility.

These trips always remind me of how blessed we are to have the life that we have. Had we had children, things would be different. When you have tried and failed to have children, you have to find a new meaning to your life, whether as a couple or as a single person. It is a step that requires some serious soul searching. Questions such as: what does life mean to me? What is the point of it all?, have to be answered with honesty. For us, life is the meaning that we give it, and at the centre of it, is our personal happiness.

Finding a new meaning to life without children is to find our happiness in the many other things that are on offer, and holidays such as the one we just had, are a typical example. There is so much joy and happiness to be had in life that nothing should be allowed to stand in the way. After all, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Better make the most of this moment while you still can.


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