A relationship based on true love will overcome any obstacle, no matter what that is

By Nina Steele My husband and I met a couple for drinks recently. It was our first time meeting them and we clicked instantly. It helped that like us, they are also childfree and have strong views on the subject.… Read the rest

Having the end of your marriage played out in public must be devastating particularly if it wasn’t your decision to end it

By Nina Steele Reading about Lisa Armstrong still wearing her wedding ring over 5 months after Ant McPartlin asked for a divorce, is sad to say the least.… Read the rest

If a man tells you he doesn’t want children, don’t stay with him hoping he will change his mind

By Nina Steele No sooner had the announcement been made that John Cena and Nikki Bella were ending their 6 year relationship than speculations started about who is to blame.… Read the rest

Why it does not reflect badly on a childfree woman when her ex goes on to have children with a new partner

By Nina Steele When the news broke that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have decided to go their separate ways, one recurring comment I kept reading online was that it wouldn’t be long before he hooks up with a younger woman and starts a family.… Read the rest

Peace Pilgrim found her life purpose and was willing to sacrifice everything for it

By Nina Steele In 1953, Peace Pilgrim (born Mildred Norman), made a decision that most people would find simply crazy. She chose to leave her comfortable life behind and walk for peace across the United States.… Read the rest

A lifelong friendship and proof that blood isn’t always thicker than water

By Nina Steele Penelope Jardine was 36 when she met acclaimed Scottish novelist Muriel Spark. The year was 1968. Muriel Spark had just relocated from New York City where she lived for a few years, to Rome.… Read the rest

Childless woman finds love on reality TV show and her new man also happens to be a non-parent

By Nina Steele‘First Dates Hotel’ is the spin-off series from Channel 4 reality show ‘First Dates’. The show brings single people together with the hope that some of them will find true love.… Read the rest

Jay Leno and his wife Mavis are childless by choice and going strong after 37 years of being husband and wife

By Nina Steele Being married for 37 years is quite an achievement for any couple and even more so, when it is a celebrity marriage.… Read the rest

John Cena is choosing not to procreate and his fiancée supports his decision

By Nina Steele The one thing I am getting from some of the interviews given by 40 year old professional wrestler and actor John Cena, is that, he understands the enormity of the challenge that comes with having kids.… Read the rest

Tracee Ellis Ross makes a powerful case for women who happen to be single with no kids

By Nina Steele Tracee Ellis Ross gave a powerful speech at the 2017 Glamour Women of the Year Awards, on her life as a woman of 45, who happens to be single with no kids.… Read the rest