A lifelong friendship and proof that blood isn’t always thicker than water

By Nina Steele Penelope Jardine was 36 when she met acclaimed Scottish novelist Muriel Spark. The year was 1968. Muriel Spark had just relocated from New York City where she lived for a few years, to Rome.… Read the rest

Childless woman finds love on reality TV show and her new man also happens to be a non-parent

By Nina Steele‘First Dates Hotel’ is the spin-off series from Channel 4 reality show ‘First Dates’. The show brings single people together with the hope that some of them will find true love.… Read the rest

Jay Leno and his wife Mavis are childless by choice and going strong after 37 years of being husband and wife

By Nina Steele Being married for 37 years is quite an achievement for any couple and even more so, when it is a celebrity marriage.… Read the rest

John Cena is choosing not to procreate and his fiancée supports his decision

By Nina Steele The one thing I am getting from some of the interviews given by 40 year old professional wrestler and actor John Cena, is that, he understands the enormity of the challenge that comes with having kids.… Read the rest

Tracee Ellis Ross makes a powerful case for women who happen to be single with no kids

By Nina Steele Tracee Ellis Ross gave a powerful speech at the 2017 Glamour Women of the Year Awards, on her life as a woman of 45, who happens to be single with no kids.… Read the rest

Emmanuel Macron calls out the misogyny of those criticising his relationship with his wife

By Nina Steele In mid-November 2016, the then French Presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, allowed cameras into his inner circle to film him on the campaign trail.… Read the rest

Bo Derek’s love life appears to be one happy relationship after another

By Nina Steele Bo Derek, who is childless by choice, describes herself as a blessed woman. Aged 60, she lives with John Corbett, her partner of 15 years, on a ranch in California.… Read the rest

DNA expert reveals that 3 out of 10 men in Nigeria are not the biological fathers of their children

By Nina Steele Although this report came out in 2012, I recently became aware of it through my social media feed. The findings of the report were brought up during a discussion on the Nigerian news outlet TVC Nigeria.… Read the rest

Man causes outrage by stating that there must be something wrong with a woman who has never been married nor has any kids by age over 32

By Nina Steele When I first came across the video of this story, I cannot say that I was surprised. In the video, which has now been viewed over 9 million times on Facebook, the man who had come like the rest of the audience to discuss relationship issues, said the following: “My father taught me that if a woman is over 32, never been married, never had any kids, there is something wrong with her”.… Read the rest

Woman’s life changed when she met a man who not only wasn’t her type but also didn’t want children

By Nina Steele Katherine Baldwin’s story is typical of many successful women today. As a high flying career woman (she was the political correspondent for Reuters), she had achieved everything on the career front and decided in 2008, aged 37, that the time had come to fulfil the other part of her life, namely find herself a man and start a family.… Read the rest