A relationship based on true love will overcome any obstacle, no matter what that is

By Nina Steele 

Multiracial couplesMy husband and I met a couple for drinks recently. It was our first time meeting them and we clicked instantly. It helped that like us, they are also childfree and have strong views on the subject. Although they are both happily childfree now, the initial decision to be so, was that of the wife. She’s never wanted children. The husband on the other hand, did want children to begin with. Like the majority of people in society, he had assumed that children would be part of the picture at some stage. However, meeting the woman who eventually became his wife, changed all that.

Watching them interact, one could not fail to notice the amount of love they have for one another. That their love for each other has not only survived, but has got stronger, shows that nothing can get in the way of true love, not even an issue as potent as the decision to not have children, particularly when those involved come from families where having children is a big deal.

There are many cases of relationships that have fallen by the wayside because one person wanted children and the other did not. Some of these relationships have been written about on this platform, including a recent high profile one. Predictably, for some people, this is a deal breaker, and so it should be. No one should be made to have children unless that’s really what they want. We are talking about a decision that will change the course of people’s lives for ever, and so it is paramount that those involved are in complete agreement.

Which brings me back to the couple at the heart of this article. Today, their life is dedicated to the things they love, including their love of travel. Listening to their story, reminded us of our own story. How in the end, the love we have for each other was too great for anything to get in the way. And more importantly, true love also dictates that blame is never part of the equation. If you choose to forgo having children for someone, don’t use that against them whenever you get into an argument. You either have completely moved on or you haven’t. If you haven’t, then work on whatever it is that is holding you back, instead of blaming your partner. It was your choice to stay in the relationship, and with choice comes responsibility.

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