Mark’s Story: I have devoted my life to searching for the meaning of life and so having children has never been my concern

Childlessness and spiritualityMy partner and I live a contented life as a childless couple and that is a choice we made a long time ago. I personally have always felt a deep sense that there is more to this life than meets the eye and it was a relief to know that my partner felt the same way too. We are both truth seekers and spend a great deal of our time discussing spirituality and many other issues that are dear to us. Having children has never been something either one of us has wanted. This world does not need more people. What it needs instead, is more enlightened ones.

As two very strong minded souls, we have never been bothered by other people’s opinions of us. How can anyone question our choice not to have children when humanity is in the state it is in right now? Like I said before, what the world needs is not more people. As a species we seem to have lost sight of what really matters. Most people are perpetually trying to have one up those around them. They think that makes them powerful, when in fact, it is nothing to do with power but everything to do with fear. True power cannot be sought from the world. True power is to be found from within.

We have friends who felt that they had to have children because that is what they thought was expected of them. Some did find joy in being parents, while others regret that choice to this day. We were never going to take that chance. We knew what was good for us from the beginning and stuck with it. It pays to know what you want and crucially, it pays to have the courage to stick with whatever that choice may be.

As suffering forces more and more people to become awakened, I believe that we will see a change in attitudes as far as being a parent is concerned. That’s because right now, many people are having children not because of a genuine desire to be parents, but rather because of the fear of being different if they chose a different path. The only problem is that, choices made based on fear usually end in disappointment and unhappiness. Intention is what will determine the outcome of whatever choice we make. If the choice was made under dubious circumstances, that will be reflected in the outcome. In other words, whatever we choose has to come from the heart, be for the greater good and because we truly believe in it, not because we don’t have the courage to choose differently or because we want to impress others. At least we as a couple don’t have to worry about that.

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Childlessness and spirituality


  1. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing your story. Your mention of intention determining the outcome of decisions we make, struck a chord with me. I didn’t know much about this concept until I came across a video in which Oprah Winfrey discussed it. Even then, I didn’t grasp its whole meaning. It is only after reading “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav that I finally grasp the whole meaning of it. And in the same way that the book changed Oprah’s life, it did mine too.
    I have known for a while that every single one of us is the master or his or her own destiny through the choices that we make. What I didn’t know was that, the real motive behind every decision we make, will determine the outcome of that choice. If the real motive is to do good or out of true conviction, that will be reflected in the outcome. If however, the real motive is selfish and does nothing to advance the greater good, then that too will be reflected in the outcome. “The Seat of the Soul” is one of those transformational books. The funny thing is that I read it the first time without understanding all those concepts that make the book so special, including the concept of intention. It is only when I read it the second time that I finally got it. I am now on my third reading and I doubt this will be my last.

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