It’s a bit rich for Prince William to be lecturing on population growth when he is expecting his 3rd child!

By Nina Steele 

You cannot make this up! Prince William lecturing on the need to curb population growth because of damage to wildlife, while he and his wife are expecting their third child. When I read the story, I was amazed at the sheer hypocrisy of it. Such an important message was lost on delivery because of the person who delivered it. The fact that he singled out Africa for criticism is rightly being seen by some as a rich man telling the poor they cannot have too many children while he himself does not do as he preaches. When Emmanuel Macron criticised Africans for having too many children, at least, as a childless man, he could do so with a straight face.

Understandably, the comments to the story were mostly scathing, with people pointing to the glaringly obvious that they shouldn’t be lectured to by a man expecting his third child. What an absolute shame, considering how important and pressing this issue is. Below is a selection of some of the comments posted in response to the story in the Mail online:

“The message is correct but unfortunately being delivered by the wrong person”.

“If there are too many people on the Earth, why are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge having a third child? A third child is beyond replacement. Given the heavy use of resources of the Royal Family, they should start practicing population control themselves. What a hypocrite. In other words, other people should practice population control, but not the British royal family”.

“Wow. What an incredible hypocrite”.

“If the world is over-populated, why doesn’t he quit reproducing? Lead by example, I say”.

“Yep, 3 kids and counting, each one with a carbon footprint 100’s of times more than the average and still has the cheek to lecture us”.

“I have been saying this for 30 years … I have no children … William you already have a lovely son and daughter … why bring a third child into this world … so do you have the right to say this … No!”.

“Maybe you ought to do something about it yourself rather than preaching to the rest of us while we pick up the tab for your fast expanding family”.

In normal circumstances, their privileged position means that many people find it difficult to take anything coming from the Royals seriously. But when it’s an own goal as this one is, the cynicism becomes justified. After the amount of derision he is getting for this, I hope William and all the other Royals will stick to issues that are a true representation of who they are, because doing otherwise risks damaging a perfectly good cause.

Prince William

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