Childless people who make history: George Michael (1963 – 2016)

By Nina Steele 

Regardless of what your personal opinion of George Michael may be, one thing most people would agree on is that, there was a highly talented man, who we now learn, was also very generous to boot.

One of the issues people with an outdated view of life often bring up about non-parents, is that not having children will lead to us being forgotten once we die. To them, legacy equals procreation. Of course we all know that’s not true, because legacy is more than procreation alone. And what a legacy George Michael is leaving behind!

As a singer songwriter, he wrote some of the most iconic songs in music. I still remember listening to Careless Whisper, over and over again, back in the Ivory Coast, all those years ago. And it still manages to stop me in my tracks, whenever I hear it. The melody, the lyrics, the tale of human frailties, in short, the life of most people. A constant battle to keep our demons in check.

The list of beautiful and emotionally charged songs go on and on. Jesus to a Child, which we now know, was dedicated to his then lover Anselmo Feleppa, who died of AIDS in 1993, is another favourite. And who can forget Faith!

Until his death and the subsequent stories of generosity that are now being told, the many scandals that George Michael was at the centre of in recent years, had in my view done a lot of damage to his image. Unfortunately, that’s often the price many celebrities pay for becoming famous at a young age. They are still forming their character with all the insecurities and issues that come with it, yet, because they are celebrities, they are constantly told by fans and sycophants alike, that they are great. They are worshipped like Gods, even though they themselves know deep down that they are far from being what people portray them to be. Unless they have a strong support network behind them to keep them grounded and tell them like it is, their life disintegrates.

Unfortunately, not many celebrities manage to break free from the cycle of destruction, and George Michael was no exception.

Thankfully, as we hear more and more stories of his generosity, we now know that, in spite of all his demons, George Michael was a good man. As they say, money doesn’t change people, it only magnifies who they really are.

George Michael

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