Is having babies a career boost for celebrities?

By Nina Steele 

In an article entitled: “Is not wanting kids in Hollywood a career threat?”, published on, Sara Farb argues that having children has become a way for celebrities to boost their popularity, because of society’s obsession with babies. She goes on to ask what the future holds for all the childless celebrities. Will they become “extinct” or will they bring about a backlash against this perceived obsession?

I do agree that there definitely is a certain obsession in some sections of the media about celebrities having babies. Announcements of pregnancies have now become worldwide events, the bigger the celebrity.

I was listening to one of the radio stations the other day and apparently, rumours have been circulating on the Internet that Beyoncé may be pregnant. Back in June, there was a backlash from her fans, when the big announcement she had promised them, turned out to be about her latest venture for a 22 day vegan diet plan. They had expected her to announce that she was either going on tour, releasing a new album, or expecting another child. Some had even called in sick in anticipation! No wonder there was so much anger.

Our culture has become extremely celebrity obsessed, and the Internet has played a great part in that. Where once celebrities were seen as people you only saw on TV or in magazines, social media has changed all that. Fans can interact with their favourite celebrities in a way that was almost impossible a decade ago and because of this apparent closeness, every aspect of their lives has become newsworthy.

Regardless of how talented a celebrity really is, there will always be a market for stories about their private lives. And celebrities have long ago realise that making front page news is a good thing if you want to have clout.

In spite of all the above, it is also true that many childless celebrities have done very well for themselves. Both Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are currently among the 10 highest paid Hollywood stars. Ricky Gervais and Jay Leno, who are also childless by choice, have had and still have hugely successful careers.

The bottom line is that ultimately, talent is what will ensure a long lasting career. Yes having babies helps, however if you don’t have the talent to go with it, your success is likely to be short lived. Trends, particularly with today’s fickle public, come and go so quickly that no one can rely solely on their private life to keep them in the public eye for ever.


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