I love knowledge, it is food for the soul

By Nina Steele 

The importance of knowledgeEver wondered why the world is so messed up? Ignorance, that’s why. Sadly, the majority of people on this earth do not understand that actions have consequences and that every choice they make will determine what happens to them next. I should know, I was one of those people once.

Some years ago, a well-known British celebrity run away with another woman’s husband. The story was all over the tabloids. She and the man had a few happy years, then he dumped her for another woman. Most of us know similar stories. They always end in tears. If you inflict pain on another human being, you will feel that pain one day yourself. That is karma in action. Everything we put out will come back to us, one way or another.

I was born in the Ivory Coast and everyone born in Africa knows what juju means. It is an archaic practice and belief system. People go to juju makers with a list of things they want happening in their lives. Sadly, it also involves evil practices, such as trying to destroy other people’s lives out of envy and jealousy. So basically, some people go to juju makers in order to destroy other people. Can you imagine how crazy this sounds? And then the same people wonder why bad things keep happening to them and their children. Juju is the source of the suffering of many families in Africa and everywhere else it is practised. The idea of generational curse stems partly from those practices.

This is why knowledge is so important. Nobody will willingly choose suffering over peace if they know that every choice they make will come back to them. I have been thirsty for knowledge my whole life. I really started to fully grasp the concept of karma the more I read. The concept is usually discussed in books on spirituality. The more I read, the more I came to understand that I am the master of my own destiny through the choices I make. Since peace is the thing I value the most, I understand that I can only have peace if I don’t do things that will cause me pain and suffering.

I once knew a woman from Gabon. She was married to a French national. They lived in the town in the Ivory Coast where I grew up. They lived in a big house with a swimming pool and servants. The man was a good man. He was quiet and unassuming. The woman abused the relationship by having many affairs. My mother told me recently that the couple have been divorced years ago and that the woman is now broke and back in Gabon. Her story is yet another reminder that everything we put out will eventually come back to us.

Knowledge is everything. When we understand how things work, we do better. So much of the pain and suffering around us is the direct result of ignorance. If like me, you hate suffering, then make sure that you don’t do things that will cause you to suffer. Like I said before, I didn’t always know this truth and have done things I am not proud of. But of course, we are here on earth to learn and grow. Keep growing and moving forward. Don’t be one of those people who keep making the same mistakes and then complain about how much their life sucks. If you want a better life, make better choices.

The importance of knowledge

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