The similarities between the real Meghan Markle and the character she plays in the TV series “Suits” are quite striking

By Nina Steele 

Meghan MarkleAs a fan of the TV series Suits, what makes the show so special in my view, is its portrayal of its leading ladies as strong and in charge of their own destinies. Meghan Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, is sassy, classy and highly ambitious. As the real Megan Markle prepares to marry into the British Royal Family, and as I watched her and Prince Harry give their first joint TV interview, it was clear that the character she plays in the series is not so different to who she is in real life.

When news of their romance broke last year, I cannot say that I was at all surprised. Here we have a woman who is not only physically attractive, but also exudes the type of confidence that clearly appeals to Harry.

The highly negative press she received when she was first identified as Harry’s new girlfriend could have irretrievably damaged their relationship. It’s no secret that the intense media scrutiny was the reason behind the breakup of some of Harry’s past relationships. That Meghan not only survived the onslaught but is now about to become a Royal, is a clear sign that she is indeed made of strong stuff. Just like her character in Suits.

Equally, that Harry is obviously so besotted with her, says a lot about him as a person. Not all men are fond of strong women, partly because they dislike the idea of being overshadowed. From what I could gather from their joint TV interview, Harry it seems, cannot have enough of what Meghan brings to the table.

After watching Meghan give such a confident and first class performance, what most commentators seem to agree on, is that, never before has the Royal family had a new addition quite like her. In the past, Royal brides-to-be were not expected to do most of the talking during their unveiling to the world. That role was expected to go to the heir to the throne. Meghan Markle proved the exception to that long held tradition and Prince Harry didn’t seem the least bothered by it. If anything, he gave the impression of enjoying watching her take the lead. As she quits her role as Rachel Zane to become a full time Royal, the real Meghan Markle is proving as equally feisty and beguiling as the character she once played.

Meghan Markle

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