The TV series “Grimm” is escapism at its best!

By Nina Steele 

GrimmIf you are looking for some escapism then I highly recommend the TV series Grimm. It’s one of those unique shows that has the power to make you question everything about the world and our place in it as humans. The show has been described as “a cop drama with a twist”, and that’s exactly what it is. Unlike the usual cop drama, the villains are mythological creatures and the main protagonist, detective Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli), is one of the few humans who can see them.

Detective Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm. Grimms, unlike much of the mythological creatures, are intrinsically good, and their role is that of guardians of the earth. As guardians, their main assignment is to ensure that the earth is not taken over by the mythological creatures, or Wesen, as they are known in the show. The main thread that runs throughout the show, is the constant battle between good and evil.

At first, Wesens and humans lived side by side, not always in harmony but they could be contained. All that changed when dark forces decided that it would be preferable if Wesens run the world. The dark forces or ‘black claw’ devised an elaborate plan to take over the world by infiltrating all aspects of society. Death was the only outcome for anyone trying to stand in their way.

Luckily Nick Burkhardt is not the only one fighting evil. Alongside him are his partner Detective Hank Griffin (played by Russell Hornsby), Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) who as a Wesen himself has inside knowledge of the ‘Wesen World’. There are other characters too, all determined not to let evil win.

It makes for riveting viewing. The storylines for each of the episodes are simply great. Absolute kudos to the writers for coming up with something so special. I haven’t seen anything like it before and I am not saying this lightly.

David Giuntoli’s character is without doubt, the star of the show. He is both charismatic and honourable, two character traits that make him instantly likable. That he is an honourable man is what to me, makes him so special. That he didn’t know he was one of the chosen ones, means that we watch him gradually go from an ordinary man, albeit a police one, to saviour of the world through learning and sheer determination to do good.

The show has now completed its 6th and final season. Season 1 to 5 is showing on Netflix. If like me, you don’t reside in the US and cannot wait until February to watch Season 6, then you can watch it on Amazon for £12.99.


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