Emmanuel Macron calls out the misogyny of those criticising his relationship with his wife

By Nina Steele 

Emmanuel Macron Behind the RiseIn mid-November 2016, the then French Presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, allowed cameras into his inner circle to film him on the campaign trail. It was 200 days before the first round of the French Presidential elections. The documentary “Emmanuel Macron: Behind the Rise”, now showing on Netflix, is the product of that clever bit of marketing. What the documentary manages to do, is dispel any doubt there ever was about the Macrons relationship. After 10 years of being husband and wife and 21 years of being together, they are still deeply in love. The spark between them is there for all to see.

Brigitte, his wife, his present throughout. As a couple, they seem inseparable. Fed up with rumours about his private life, Mr Macron decided to address them head on. Those rumours in case you are not aware of them is that he is secretly gay, because, only a gay man would marry a woman 24 years older than him. Unbelievable!

Of the age gap, Mr Macron said: “Had I been the one who was 24 years older, there would be no issue”. He went on to say that he has had to endure “humiliating and hurtful looks” from strangers throughout the time he and his wife have been together. He also called out the homophobia behind the rumours. To prove his point, he mentioned a conversation he had with his media advisor, Sibeth Ndiaye, a woman of African descent. She told him that her hairdresser, an African woman, had told her that a gay man could never be President of France.

As for him living a double life when he and his wife are inseparable, Mr Macron said: “All those who’d like to spread the rumour that I am two-faced, that I have secret lives, my wife wonders how this can be physically possible, since she shares every minute of my life.” He went on to say: “If people tell you at some dinner party or in an email that I have a double life with whoever, it’s my hologram that’s escaped. It can’t be me”.

The documentary confirmed what most of us already sensed about Emmanuel Macron, namely that he is a very confident man. A character trait that obviously helped him deal with all the prejudice. It is a good thing that he chose to address the misogyny that is still so rife in society so publicly. Those critics have to get used to the fact that, time have changed. The times when there was one rule for men and another for women are over. A woman dating a far younger man is the new normal. And those critics better get used to it.

Emmanuel Macron Behind the Rise

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