The intense scrutiny of the Macrons’ relationship is made worse by the fact that the couple have no children together

By Nina Steele 

It is quite shocking that so many people seem bothered by the love affair between Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Funny how so many male celebrities often have partners far younger than they are. Mick Jagger, 73, and his current partner Melanie Hamrick, 29, have a 44 year age gap between them. Ronnie Wood, 69, another member of the Rolling Stones and his current wife Sally Humphreys, 39, have an age gap of 30 years. Larry King, talk show host, is 83 while his wife is 57, giving them a 26 year age difference. And the list goes on. Unlike the Macrons however, all these men have children with their partners. And there to me, lies the real issue. No matter how big the age gap between a male celebrity and his partner, the fact that they are still able to have children, means that society is happy to turn a blind eye. And even when those relationships are criticised, they are seldom talked about in the same way as that of the Macrons, highlighting once again how much bias there still is against women.

I suspect that had the Macrons had a child together, people would be less judgemental of their relationship. The hostility to their union is such that some have gone as far as to suggest that the only reason why Mr Macron is ok with not having children with his wife is because he is secretly gay. I first came across this on a social media platform and thought nothing of it, believing that it was a one off. Sadly as it turns out, it was far from a one off, so much so that, the editor of Elle Magazine felt compelled to call the critics out. She is quoted as saying that ‘the comments about the couple were ultra-misogynistic ‘, and that ‘the suggestion that marrying an older woman meant the candidate must secretly be gay were homophobic’. Ultra-misogynistic is a fair description of how low some people have been willing to go in order to show their disapproval of the couple’s relationship.

Regardless of the criticisms and nasty comments, one thing is sure, the Macrons are forcing society to deal with gender issues in a way not seen before. By shattering the myth that a relationship can never be truly happy without children, they are disrupting old norms. No wonder so many people are unhappy.

Emmanuel Macron and is wife

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