Why go through all the bother of fertility treatment when all you need is a prayer

By Nina Steele 

I was visiting an acquaintance of mine a few weeks ago, when a priest stopped by and within minutes, he started alluding to a woman he helped conceive. As he spoke, it became obvious that he was made aware of my visit beforehand, and was hoping to convince me that he could help me conceive too. Through prayer, I guess.

As I sat there listening to him, I felt my disappointment grow. I was disappointed because I have known the said acquaintance for a few years now, and had told her how my husband and I went from trying to have children to now living happily childfree. She also knows about this website and what it represents. As far as I was concerned, she was completely at ease with me being childless. Obviously not.

I have had many other instances where people, in their own misguided ways, thought they were being helpful, when inconsiderate would have been a far better description.

They feel this constant need to project their own lives onto that of others, and since they cannot imagine their lives without children, they automatically assume that it must be the same for everyone.

A single and childless woman I know, has been facing the same kind of intrusiveness from her family. She is a homeowner with a good job, and says she is happy with her life as it is. Her family would have none of it however, and they have been trying to convince her to find herself a man and start a family. They cannot quite grasp the idea that some people are inherently happy on their own.

Another acquaintance who also happens to be single and childless, likes nothing more than to be by herself, doing the things she loves. She is a very strong woman, who does not suffer fools gladly. I remember asking her whether she will ever let a man into her life, to which her answer was a resounding “no”. She is far too happy and settled in her ways, she says.

For those people used to the traditional idea of what constitutes a life well lived (having children being at the top of their list, of course), we will always remain an anomaly. Thankfully, the world is changing and even though there will always be those who refuse to change with it, others are happily choosing to embrace those changes.


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