What we see on social media is usually far from what really happens in real life

By Nina Steele A video kept popping up on my Facebook feed recently. At first, I chose to ignore it. Then out of curiosity, I decided to watch it.… Read the rest

A tough childhood doesn’t have to damage us irretrievably

By Nina Steele I had a conversation with a friend recently. It is a new friendship yet we both feel so comfortable with each other that we have been sharing some uncomfortable childhood stories we both experienced.… Read the rest

RIP Chadwick Boseman: November 29, 1976 – August 28, 2020

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What is going on with Ellen DeGeneres?

By Nina Steele I have been watching clips of the Ellen DeGeneres show on Facebook for a while now. As far as I am concerned, the show is all about giving and being nice.… Read the rest

It pays to know your limitations

By Nina Steele My husband and I came across an old man walking on his own in the Surrey countryside recently. As we walked past him, he stopped us to ask for direction.… Read the rest

With so many dating sites around, some people still come to me to find love

By Nina Steele A man contacted me a few days ago asking me to hook him up with a single woman with no children. He says that he felt compelled to get in touch after reading some of the stories on the website.… Read the rest

Social media can be a funny place sometimes

By Nina Steele I turned down a LinkedIn connection request recently, which I haven’t done before. I have the same approach with regards to the other social media platforms.… Read the rest

There is something quite satisfying about making every penny stretch

By Nina Steele One of my philosophies in life is that nothing can ever be taken for granted. I have lived long enough to have seen people who had everything lose it all.… Read the rest

Racism and police brutality in the US have been exposed once again. This time change is around the corner

By Nina Steele One morning in early May, I woke up to find the name Ahmaud Arbery all over Twitter. As it turned out, he was the latest black person to come to a gruesome end at the hands of white racists.… Read the rest

Why having a large family is the new trend on social media

By Nina Steele You may or may not have heard of the Youtube star Myka Stauffer. I came across her story by chance last week.… Read the rest