Readers’ Stories

Are you childless by choice or circumstance? Share your story

Jessica’s Story: I am childless by choice unlike my mother who felt she had no choice but to become a mother

I am an only child and my mother never hid the fact that had it been for her, I would never have been born. It’s not that she doesn’t love me, she does.… Read the rest

Hana’s Story: My Buddhist faith has helped me make sense of my life as a childless woman

I moved to the UK from Korea over a decade ago for a better life and have now made it my home. I was already in my 30s when I first arrived and the main thing on my mind was to integrate.… Read the rest

Dan’s Story: Coming to terms with not having children meant keeping other people’s children at arm’s length

A few years into our marriage, when my wife and I could not conceive, we did what most people do and sought medical help. We then learnt that I was the reason why we could not have children.… Read the rest

Jacquelyn’s Story: The love I have for my husband is far stronger than any desire I had to be a mother

I met my husband in 2005. We were both in our 30s. I remember discussing children very early on in our relationship. He made it clear that he didn’t want any.… Read the rest

Tanya’s Story: I live a peaceful life with my dogs and that’s enough for me

My marriage ended years ago and I chose not to remarry. I do have male friends I meet for meals and drinks every so often, but I don’t see myself getting into another romantic relationship again.… Read the rest

Ibeji’s Story: The deep fear that I felt when my marriage ended has now made way for a renewed sense of purpose

My name is Ibeji, I am from the western part of Nigeria. I am able to put down these words today because my perception has changed about what I once saw as a dead end.… Read the rest

Stella’s Story: It pays to be tough when you are a childfree woman in Nigeria

I am a childfree woman from Nigeria, and I can confirm that I am far from being an exception. One of the main reasons why other women like me choose to stay quiet is because of the risk factor.… Read the rest

Tim’s Story: I haven’t found a woman I like enough to want to marry let alone have children with

I have had many relationships. None of them lasted long enough to develop the kind of closeness that leads to marriage and eventually children.… Read the rest

Kelly’s Story: I despair at the amount of ignorance there is out there towards the childless

What I have learnt from experience is that, often, people are scared of women like me who know what they want. It’s no secret that whole industries are feeding on women’s insecurities.… Read the rest

Silvia’s Story: It takes events such as the death of a loved one to be reminded of what life is all about

I am writing this, sitting peacefully in my back garden, enjoying the view and all the wildlife that have made it their home. About 11 years ago was when my husband and I, after trying for many years to become parents, finally decided it was time to move on.… Read the rest