Readers’ Stories

Are you childless by choice or circumstance? Share your story

Leah’s Story: I have walked away from relationships because of the children issue and won’t hesitate to do it again

Whenever I hear people complain about how difficult it is to be a parent, my first thought is to remind them that it was a choice they made.… Read the rest

Mark’s Story: I have devoted my life to searching for the meaning of life and so having children has never been my concern

My partner and I live a contented life as a childless couple and that is a choice we made a long time ago. I personally have always felt a deep sense that there is more to this life than meets the eye and it was a relief to know that my partner felt the same way too.… Read the rest

Nadine’s Story: I don’t want to live with the guilt of having children I cannot afford

My partner and I sat down, had a frank discussion about our finances and came to the conclusion that unless one of us wins the lottery, there is no realistic chance of us starting a family.… Read the rest

Jessica’s Story: I am childless by choice unlike my mother who felt she had no choice but to become a mother

I am an only child and my mother never hid the fact that had it been for her, I would never have been born. It’s not that she doesn’t love me, she does.… Read the rest

Hana’s Story: My Buddhist faith has helped me make sense of my life as a childless woman

I moved to the UK from Korea over a decade ago for a better life and have now made it my home. I was already in my 30s when I first arrived and the main thing on my mind was to integrate.… Read the rest

Dan’s Story: Coming to terms with not having children meant keeping other people’s children at arm’s length

A few years into our marriage, when my wife and I could not conceive, we did what most people do and sought medical help. We then learnt that I was the reason why we could not have children.… Read the rest

Jacquelyn’s Story: The love I have for my husband is far stronger than any desire I had to be a mother

I met my husband in 2005. We were both in our 30s. I remember discussing children very early on in our relationship. He made it clear that he didn’t want any.… Read the rest

Tanya’s Story: I live a peaceful life with my dogs and that’s enough for me

My marriage ended years ago and I chose not to remarry. I do have male friends I meet for meals and drinks every so often, but I don’t see myself getting into another romantic relationship again.… Read the rest

Ibeji’s Story: The deep fear that I felt when my marriage ended has now made way for a renewed sense of purpose

My name is Ibeji, I am from the western part of Nigeria. I am able to put down these words today because my perception has changed about what I once saw as a dead end.… Read the rest

Stella’s Story: It pays to be tough when you are a childfree woman in Nigeria

I am a childfree woman from Nigeria, and I can confirm that I am far from being an exception. One of the main reasons why other women like me choose to stay quiet is because of the risk factor.… Read the rest