Comedian and actress Lynne Koplitz speaks candidly about her choice not to have children

By Nina Steele 

Lynne koplitzLynne Koplitz is 49 and happily childfree. After 22 years of hard graft, her career is finally taking off in a big way. Her Netflix special “Hormonal Beast” is hugely entertaining. In it, she discusses among other things, her status as a non-parent. Some of the things she says on the subject may be considered controversial, yet she manages the feat of conveying an important message, while making the audience laugh.

Her type of comedy is described as ‘observational’. She essentially recounts stories of everyday life that most people can relate to. As a woman without children, one of her pet peeves is having to deal with parents who are keen to share kids’ stuff with everyone they meet. She jokes that the people of New York City where she resides, are known for telling it like it is. So she is not afraid to tell people to their face that she is not interested in hearing about their kids. That she says this to a live audience that is bound to include parents, did not seem to have impacted her performance in a negative way. If anything, her honesty seemed to have struck a chord.
Lynne Koplitz Hormonal Beast
That she chose to address her childlessness in her first Netflix special, knowing how mad some people are about children, shows a woman keen to educate her audience about ‘the other side of society’.

She opens the segment about her status as a non-parent with the following statement: “I am not a mum. I have nice things instead of children”. She then goes on to describe how after a show, a woman came to her to say that she could never imagine herself being in her 40s without children, and that she would feel very selfish. To which Lynne replied: “sometimes I do feel selfish and then I wake up at noon and look at my nice shit”. It’s intended to make the audience laugh of course, but they would not have failed to get the gist of the story. Which is that she is perfectly happy with her life as it is.

She goes on to compare her life with that of her sister, a mother of 3, and all the juggling she has to do. By so doing, she shines a light on the contrast of both their lives. It’s not about which life is best, rather, it’s to remind the audience that parenthood is not an inevitability.

Lynne koplitz

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