Patricia Clarkson is happily childfree and has never wanted a husband either

By Nina Steele 

Patricia ClarksonWatching Patricia Clarkson in the 2017 film ‘The Party’, currently showing on Netflix, was a total delight. She plays the no-nonsense best friend of the main Character, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, whose marriage is falling apart, due to infidelity. Patricia Clarkson, in her acerbic and no-nonsense style, completely steals the show. It turns out, reading more about her that she is in fact as tough in real life. Not only that, in the movie, learning about a couple expecting triplets, she lectures them on the fact that the world already has enough humans, which is quite fitting, considering that she is childfree by choice in real life.

Of her choice to not marry and to be childfree, she said the following in a 2016 interview: “Being married and having a child was not something I wanted and I knew that at a very young age”. On the same subject of marriage and children, she is also quoted as saying “I’ve never wanted to marry, I’ve never wanted children. I was born without that gene”. You can’t get more fearless and straightforward than that!

She is unlike the many celebrities who seem to believe that having children is a surefire way to boost a career. The fact that she is still very much in demand at the age of 58, in an industry known for not being particularly kind to older actresses, shows that ultimately, talent and character is what wins. She is a very good actress with a personality to match.

Her strong character and talent are in full display in ‘The Party’. She dishes out put-downs to anyone who crosses her and never tries to sugar-coat the truth. Her put-downs had me in stitches most of the time. The whole script seems to have been written with her in mind. For example, going back to the couple who were expecting triplets, they were anticipating that everyone would join in their celebration, only for them to be reminded that they were at the party to celebrate Kristin Scott Thomas’ promotion as a minister. And to make sure that they understood how she felt about the news of their impending parenthood, she said: “Babies get born every day, in extremely large numbers, to the point of endangering the planet and all our futures”. Ouch! I could not think of a better way to educate viewers on the issue of overpopulation.

Patricia Clarkson

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