What if there was a soul level meaning behind your choice to be childfree?

By Nina Steele 

Childless woman under pressureOne of my online friends believes that her aversion to motherhood and marriage could be related to a past life trauma her soul experienced. This will make no sense to those who do not believe in past lives, but to others like myself, there is some truth to it. Yes I do believe in past lives, because of things I have experienced. Things that make no other sense to me. And if like me you believe in past lives, then you do understand that the point of a soul reincarnating is for it to learn all the lessons it needs for its salvation. The end of reincarnation for a soul is also known as the end of suffering, because as most humans understand, life on earth will always involve some form of suffering.

Going back to my online friend, she said the following about her reasons for not wanting children and marriage: “In my past life I believe I had an abusive husband and a ton of kids that drove me crazy because I don’t have a single itch to birth a baby ever and I’m still iffy about marriage. The thought of childbirth scares me to no end. I keep having recurring dreams about a beautiful woman leaving the city and giving up her dreams to become a Hollywood starlet to marry a stockbroker and have kids. He isolated her to the home and she becomes engulfed in her duties as wife and mother. The dream always ends with their farm home burning in flames. I always feel an intense feeling of pain and anguish when I see this scene. I know the fire wasn’t accidental and I fear the whole family perished in the fire”. She goes on to add: “Everything we fear in this life has a story from a past life. If you have an inexplicable fear of something I can guarantee it’s because of a past life trauma your soul has experienced”.

So much has been written about life and its meaning. We are all trying to make sense of why we are on this earth. My own journey of self- discovery started back in 2003. That’s when I started feeling an intense urge to know more. I read tons of spiritual books and in the end, I had to draw my own conclusions.

I think the general consensus is that we will never know everything about why we are here. What we can do however, is pay attention to the voice within that is always trying to tell us something. It is the voice of the soul. The higher self. In common parlance, we call it God. Whatever you call it, that voice has always been there, trying to steer us in the right direction. When you start paying attention to the voice within, things start making sense. Why you feel the way you do towards certain people for example, or why you feel so strongly about some issues etc.

What I have come to understand is that, not paying attention to the voice within and most importantly, not acting on what we know deep down it is trying to tell us, leads to suffering. People often don’t act on their gut feelings because of fear. That’s why courage is so important. To live your true life as your soul intended for you, you need courage. Without courage, you will keep making the same mistakes and your soul will have to keep coming back time and time again, until you finally get it.

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