Man causes outrage by stating that there must be something wrong with a woman who has never been married nor has any kids by age over 32

By Nina Steele 

Childless woman under pressureWhen I first came across the video of this story, I cannot say that I was surprised. In the video, which has now been viewed over 9 million times on Facebook, the man who had come like the rest of the audience to discuss relationship issues, said the following: “My father taught me that if a woman is over 32, never been married, never had any kids, there is something wrong with her”. To which, one of the other participants, a woman, replied that a woman fitting that description is usually educated and prioritising career and financial success. Her response struck a chord with many other women who rightly, strongly objected to the idea that all women should follow one path and that anything other than that should somehow be considered a failure.

Here is a selection of some of the many comments the video generated:

“I’m over here jumping out of my bed at 6:30 in morning screaming “YESSSSSSSS!!” You go girl I am 32, a virgin, no kids, never been married, have bachelor and masters degrees, and proud of it. Many of us choose a different path in life and there is nothing wrong with us. Tell your daddy that too”

“34, no kids, never been married, two Master’s degrees on my wall and a PhD underway….if and when I have children they will be well-cared for. Not about raising my family in poverty. I waited to provide the life I did not get. What is empowering is that educated women do not need to settle for situations that aren’t healthy or mutually beneficial. Looking for a like-minded, intelligent companion and nothing less. If I do not find him, I will continue that boss life!”

“Well I’m 40 with my own home, car, and lectures at a prominent teachers’ college while taking care of a mother with long term mental health issues. No husband, no children, but I have two cats. Tell ya daddy that some women use their years making who they want to be and not what y’all men want them to be! Fear of powerful women in control of their own lives lead the tongue of men to speak nothing but crap”. Brilliant.

I think the last comment said it all. The fear of strong women is at the heart of all this nonsense. Far better to make women feel incomplete unless they have a man and children by their sides than let them get on with their lives the way they want to.

No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman who chooses the path that makes her the most happy and brings her the most peace. What is wrong is some men telling them what they should do with their lives, based on their own insecurities and fears. Thankfully, those women who can see through the bullshit, will carry on with their lives, with their heads held high.

Childless woman under pressure

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